Crystal Palace Location House Kitchen

This is the home of interior and graphic designer Celine Da Silva, who upon the purchase of an Art Deco house in South East London, took on renovating her own home with the intention of creating a location house. Celine cleverly created a more practical and beautiful kitchen without increasing the footprint by tweaking the internal walls. Our design includes a narrow island that suits the space, in Celine’s words you had to ‘shimmy around’ the previous one and the bookshelf on the end viewed from the living room, which softens the transitions between the spaces. The cabinetry is London Plane and Bonnington Green and Celine explains why she opted for this rich hue having played with Pluck samples: ‘I loved how it changed throughout the day. It looked almost black at certain times, which made me feel like I was getting two colours at once.’
Photographer: Chris Snook