About Pluck Kitchens

Pluck kitchens celebrate beautiful materials and practical design. Our bespoke furniture and cabinetry is pared back and clutter free, a style that works in period and contemporary homes. We enable our clients to create delicious combinations drawn from our assortment of colours and woods. The designs will reflect your personal taste, from bright and bold to neutral or monochrome, your kitchen will be quintessentially Pluck with your personal twist; no two Pluck kitchens are the same! See our portfolio of projects and social media for inspiration. We design and craft our cabinetry and furniture to order under one roof in South West London. Our projects are UK-wide and beyond. 

Introducing Our New Eco Colours

We are thrilled to unveil our Eco Colours, a collection of sustainable, carbon neutral high pressure laminates in eight beautiful hues. These matt colours are tactile, hardwearing and represent years of scientific endeavour by Arpa Industriale to create a more environmentally friendly material. We have curated a spectrum of colours that work wonderfully with each other and the woods we offer – see more palettes here.

Sustainable Design

Pluck kitchens are consciously crafted, along with our carbon neutral Eco Colours, we have carefully chosen all the materials and finishes we work with. Our cabinets are made from birch plywood and we use FSC rated wood veneers to minimise the amount of hardwood used. We always strive to work with like-minded companies who have comprehensive environmental policies in place and we run Pluck HQ on renewable electricity.

Find out more about the materials we use…