Cabinetry and Furniture

As well as our essential range of cabinetry and drawers, we have designed standalone pieces which can be commissioned individually. Please contact us for further details.


Pluck larders are designed to be as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. There is a sense of drama when you open a double-doored larder to reveal the internal scheme, even more satisfying when it is brimming with ingredients. 

Our larders require ‘install’ as they need to be attached to a wall. Options for larders include: 

Door shelves – we recommend these for storing herbs, spices and some bottles. The colours are customisable and we can tailor the shelf heights should you have unusually tall vessels to store. 

Internal drawers – handy for kitchen linens, root vegetables or tea and coffee accoutrement. The drawer fronts can be any of our colours or woods. 

Internal drawer worktop – can be topped with your kitchen worktop and should you wish to store a microwave or other small appliances here, we can design plug sockets to be incorporated inside the larder. 

Larder size – we offer a single-door alternative which can include the door shelving and internal drawers too.   

Fluted Glass Cabinets

Glazed cabinetry gives the same sense of lightness as open shelving.

The designs here shows a London Plane frame with Ruskin Blossom and Regent Red interiors, but the frame can be any of our woods and the internal colour can be any Pluck colour. We can incorporate internal lighting and glass shelves.

As ever, it’s all in the detail and the handle has a hidden grip which is silky smooth to the touch.


Inspired by Victorian bamboo furniture with diagonal supporting struts and dowels which sit proud of the shelf fronts, Spoke can be designed to include a plate rack and to integrate extraction. 

Spoke can be customised up to a height of 1.8 metres and up to 3.0 metres in length. Shelf heights can be set at multiples of 20cm. Shelf depths are at either 28cm or 32cm (for integrated extraction models).

The Brixton Dresser

We love a kitchen that includes a combination of fitted cabinetry and freestanding pieces, so have designed furniture for this purpose.

Inspired by traditional Welsh dressers, The Brixton Dresser combines the more classical elements of utilitarian dressers with our playful use of colours, materials and modern design. 

The dresser is available in any of Pluck’s colours and woods, the model pictured here is Milton Blue with London Plane, and can be tailored to suit the size of your kitchen. The top is also customisable.

And finally, the name, Pluck HQ is based in Brixton, South London!

The Work Table

The design for this table draws inspiration from traditional cook’s tables. The piece provides a practical work surface and can be used instead of an island. 

The form is simple to accentuate the beauty of the timber selected and the table is crafted using traditional carpentry techniques.

The Work Table pictured combines Sweet Chestnut and Elm, both from English trees. The top is Capolavoro quartzite. As each table is made to order, the timber and top are customisable.

The table can be resized to suit your kitchen, the model here is:
Height: 92cm, width: 90cm and length: 240cm