Inspiring Palettes

Gorgeous combinations of our woods with Eco Colours and Core Colours. These palettes include worktops, fabrics and tiles to inspire your kitchen’s colour scheme, plus a little flourish to celebrate nature’s beauty. These are a joy to create, we hope you enjoy them! Please note, whilst we try to match as closely as possible, colours and woods in photos can vary from reality. 
Photography: Gemma Riggs

Eco Colour Palettes


Terracotta, Ochre and Oak with Domus x Yinka Ilori tiles and Dzek Mamoreal


Midnight Blue, Elm, Raspberry and cork with Ca Pietra tile and Foresso timber terrazzo


Elm, Slate Grey, Aubergine and Linen with ticking fabric from Tinsmiths


Cherry, Terracotta, Ochre, Slate Grey and cork with Domus x Yinka Ilori tiles and Diespeker Rubblazzo

Coffee Beans

Oak, Midnight Blue and Terracotta with antique Spanish tile and Capolavoro quartzite

Star Anise

London Plane, Terracotta, Raspberry and Ochre with Bert & May tile and Diespeker terrazzo


Cherry wood, Raspberry and Verdigris with Domus x Yinka Ilori tiles and Capolavoro quartzite

Golden Oats

London Plane and Midnight Blue with Guinean indigo cloth, Granby Workshop tile and Diespeker terrazzo 

Core Colour Palettes


Cherry wood, Regent Red, Ritzy, Market Mustard and Cold Harbour Grey with a Diespeker terrazzo


Elm, London Plane, Milton Blue, Ferndale and tile by Neisha Crosland from Fired Earth


Elm, London Plane, Milton Blue, Ferndale and tile by Neisha Crosland from Fired Earth

Blood Orange

Elm, Atlantic Blue, Milton Blue, Hollingbourne Yellow and Granby Workshop tiles

Pink Trevisano

Eccles, Coldharbour Grey, Regent Red, London Plane and Foresso timber terrazzo


Regent Red, London Plane, Eccles, Milton Blue and Capolavaro quartzite


Oak, Eccles, Ruskin Blossom, Brockwell Moss and Market Mustard with a Resilica worktop

Gull's Eggs

Ruskin Blossom, Brockwell Moss, Market Mustard, Oak and Cherry wood with a Diespeker terrazzo


Cherry wood, London Plane handle, Ritzy, Milton Blue and Eccles with Capolavaro quartzite


Half Moon White, Coldharbour Grey and Oak with Bianco Ramigiatto marble from MKW Surfaces


Atlantic Blue, London Plane and Ruskin Blossom with Rosa Aurora marble worktop


Bonnington Green, London Plane and Ritzy

Red Mullet

Ferndale, Old Dairy Yellow, Cambria Red and London Plane


Railton, Hollingbourne Yellow and Cherry wood with Carrara marble

Quails Eggs

Ruskin Blossom, Market Mustard and Half Moon White with a Foresso worktop


Bonnington Green, Cherry wood, Brockwell Moss and Ruskin Blossom


Ritzy, Milton Blue and London Plane with a Corian worktop


Ritzy, Brockwell Moss and Elm with a Diespeker terrazzo


Ferndale, Old Dairy Yellow, Atlantic Blue, Market Mustard and Elm with a Resilica worktop

Red Currant

Ruskin Blossom, Ferndale, Railton, London Plane and Diespeker terrazzo


Ruskin Blossom, Brockwell Moss and Oak with a Resilica worktop

Borlotti Beans

Elm, Market Mustard, Bonnington Green and Ritzy with Granby workshop’s countertop




Atlantic Blue, Coldharbour Grey, Cambria Red and Cherry wood


Old Dairy Yellow, Eccles, Elm and Brockwell Moss with a Foresso timber terrazzo


Elm, Bonnington Green, Market Mustard and Railton with Verde Jade marble


Brockwell Moss, Ritzy, Half Moon White and London Plane with Fusion Wow Quartzite from Gerald Culliford



Nasturtium Leaves

Ferndale, Cambria Red and Elm with Arabescato Marble


Atlantic Blue, Coldharbour Grey and Cherry with a Dekton worktop by Cosentino