An Author’s Abode

This kitchen is the vision of a very creative homeowner, author Huma Qureshi, author of the acclaimed Things We Do Not Tell The People We Love who worked with Astrain Scheldt Architects to renovate her 1960s family home. The terrazzo floor, arched doorways, checkerboard tiles and colours make this kitchen feel like a holiday. Huma says of the design ‘the colours were picked intentionally to look as if faded by the sun’. When she started finding inspiration for the house a Hotel in France caught her eye ‘kind of mellow; but functional; lots of that earthy brick tone, but also sky blue, two colours which are everywhere in our house. It’s nothing super extravagant but actually quite and simple and just lived in and loved’ – only a writer could pen a description of this quality!
Photographer: Richard Chivers