Eileen’s Tea Cups


Bone china teacups are laid out, one assumes, in preparation for the most sacred of rituals – afternoon tea. The composition of the painting is delightful, (we’ve found) the viewer can’t help imagining what else is going on in this scene – who is having tea?!

Delicately patterned with pink roses and gilt edges, two of the cups sit on a doily and the tablecloth has a floral pattern too.  

The oil  is signed ‘Peggy Deller’. Verso  it is dated 1986, with Peggy Deller’s details and the title of the painting ‘Eileen’s Cups’. 

There is a slight discolouration to the painting’s top left hand corner and a tiny patch of gilt on the opposite side – potentially an amateur framer at work, though elsewhere the frame looks and feels professional.

Measurements approx. width 31 x 23 height cm / 12 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches

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