Pared Back Design

Pluck blends a passion for beautiful and sustainable materials with an intricate knowledge of practical kitchen design. To achieve the pared back, simple look of our cabinetry and furniture every element has been meticulously considered.

Tailored Fit

From awkward corners to chimney breasts and a myriad of other architectural features, we know From awkward corners to chimney breasts and a myriad of other architectural features, we know that each room we design a kitchen for will have its own individual quirks, so we tailor our cabinetry to fit these details. This means visually, a Pluck kitchen looks in harmony with its surroundings, and practically, we use space efficiently.

Durable Design

The careful choices we have made about the materials we use and the companies we source from, combined with the design of our cabinetry and furniture, are about quality and longevity. Pluck kitchens are durable but should damage occur during or after installation, our cabinets are designed so individual elements can be remade and replaced.

Designing Your Kitchen

Along with the obvious decisions about layout, colour and wood combinations in your Pluck kitchen, here are further aspects of the design you will have the opportunity to consider:

Cupboards and Drawers

Sufficient storage is a vital ingredient of successful kitchen design. Using our standard drawers and cupboards as the basic building blocks, we will create a kitchen that reflects your priorities for the room, from pan and cutlery drawers to food and crockery cupboards our standard range alone covers all the essentials, but we also have furniture you may wish to add, including: 

Pluck larders – designed to be as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

Glazed cabinets – a very lovely alternative to solid doored wall cabinetry.

The Work Table – a celebration of stunning materials and traditional carpentry techniques.

The Brixton Dresser – our modern take on a traditional favourite. 

More detailed information about these pieces can be found here.


Shelves provide light, airy and easily accessible storage and are a great way to add texture and layering once they are arranged with objects or books.

We offer three shelf designs, floating, integrated and Spoke.


Pluck cabinetry has recessed handles. We like the clean lines they give with no jutting hardware, plus although small in size, the handle back colour and material can have a considerable impact on a kitchen’s scheme. You can choose from any of the Pluck colours or woods as well as an unlacquered brass finish. 

The handles are available in four shapes: square, pill, circle and rectangle.