The Very Plucky Brixton Kitchen

It’s always intriguing to know, how teachers are with their own kids, what fashion designers wear, are doctors supremely healthy and finally, what kitchens do kitchen designers have!? And so this space becomes relevant. This kitchen belongs to Pluck Co-founders Leila and Lloyd Touwen and featured in the Sunday Telegraph’s ‘A recipe for the perfect cooking space – inside the kitchens of the kitchen makers’.

The scheme inspired Pluck’s ‘Morchella‘ palette with London Plane, Atlantic Blue and Ruskin Blossom, and there is soft pink on the walls too (Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball). Discussing their choice of the patterned encaustic floor tiles from Marrakech Design the couple said ‘we deliberated over something more contemporary, but as the house is Victorian…we wanted something that felt older’. Indeed this room is about mixing eras, something the couple do throughout their home.

There is a bespoke Prep Table, one of the prototypes for a piece that is now a popular offering in Pluck’s furniture range. All other freestanding pieces are vintage, second hand or antique, picked up in flea markets, antiques arcades and from online auction sites. Due to the glazing along the back wall of the extension, a shelf was practical here, a place to display collected art and ceramics, adding layers and character.

‘Inspired first and foremost by colour – Leila and Lloyd have grouped together articles of virtu gathered over decades, alongside contemporary pieces to create interest and intrigue through their home’ says spectacular homeware stores and Moroccan rug specialists A New Tribe in their online journal series on ‘Sacred Spaces’

Photographer: Kane Hulse