The New Kitchen in Clapham Old Town

This room is a charming and confident mix of antique and modern furniture created by our clients, who have been casual collectors of ‘old stuff’, as they call it, for years. Set in the newly built rear extension of their Victorian terrace in south west London, the kitchen feels soft and welcoming thanks to the colours, finishes, a cosy armchair corner and relaxed displays of ceramics and other objects.

Inspired in part by a previous Pluck project they knew they wanted the cabinetry to combine white and wood, a classic pairing that has a fresh and warm feeling. They also wanted to avoid the typical look of fitted kitchens, so chose free standing appliances where practical and were keeping their perfectly good fridge-freezer. Having lived in their house for years, with a compact kitchen, the prospect of having a space to entertain friends and family whilst cooking was a joy.

The island is central to this room’s design and is the first cabinetry you see as you walk into the room. The London Plane veneers have a beautiful grain, flecked like snakeskin and being on the island means the wood receives the attention it deserves, as the piece is a natural focal point.

Elsewhere, the cabinetry is Half Moon White, a lovely shade of white that looks tactile and sits comfortably in the background, allowing other textures and hues to come to the fore.

Our design includes a larder, with internal plug sockets so appliances can be stored here, rather than on worktops. The grey of the concrete floor is picked up in the Calcutta-style marble worktops, which have a honed finish. This desire to avoid gleaming shine is evident elsewhere too, including in the choice of patinated brass tap. The source of natural light in this extension has been carefully considered, with two rooflights along with a wall of crittall framed doors. The walls are a subtle off-white hue, that has a warm beige undertone, the paint sourced from local colour expert Francesca’s Paints.

Photographer: Malcolm Menzies